Dear athletes and managers

With a great sadness we see ourselves in the duty of communicating to you that unfortunately and to our regret the edition of the International Meeting of Athletics Puma City of Guadalajara 2019 will not take place.

We want to explain the causes, so you can understand what happened, and tell you that from this club we have fought against them until the last moment.

 Last year, the previous government team of the city of Guadalajara commissioned this organization to develop the meeting, resulting in the reservation and inclusion of said date in the RFEA calendar. Throughout the year, we did all the necessary actions to carry out the event, however, in April there were elections in Guadalajara, and there was a change of government in Guadalajara, the current government has decided not to carry out this sporting event, not providing the necessary support for it, by which this year cannot be celebrated.

We want to thank you all for your interest and patience and tell you from this club that if next year the International Meeting Puma Ciudad de Guadalajara is carried out again, we will take into consideration all those who have been interested in coming.

We greatly appreciate your interest and understanding, we wish you many professional successes.

Greetings                        CD. Méliz Sport.